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Are you spending several days in the Austrian capital?

Then you’ll love the following:

Vienna is one of the few places in the world, which offer a bunch of activities and sights not only inside the city limits but also in close proximity. You can even explore several neighboring countries from the Austrian capital.

On this list, you’ll find 33 ideas for day trips from Vienna, Austria.

Just an hour or two away from the lively metropolis lie verdant vineyards, lush forests, peculiar monasteries, quaint historical towns, magnificent castles, and spa getaways.

Let’s jump right in and see what you can explore on a day trip from Vienna!

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Day Trips from Vienna to Austria’s Neighboring Countries

Austria’s location in the heart of Europe makes it a great starting point for exploring its neighboring countries. Can you imagine visiting a different country on every day of your trip? You can when in Vienna!

1. Vienna Day Trip to Bratislava, Slovakia – the Beauty on the Danube

Bratislava Travel Tips
A day trip from Vienna to Bratislava is easy to plan

The Slovak capital, known as the Beauty on the Danube, is the closest international day trip destination from Vienna.

You can travel to Bratislava from Vienna by car, by bus, or even by boat on the Danube River.

When you arrive there, you can explore the Old Town, Bratislava Castle, and Slavin Monument. Then, reward yourself with a specialty beer and a local delicacy, such as the delectable potato pancakes.

If you get tired of walking, hop on one of the trams or trolleybuses which crisscross Bratislava.

Before ending your day trip from Vienna to Bratislava, stroll along the Danube River or sit in a café and try the poppy seed pastries, called Bratislavský rožok. They’re to die for!

Travel time: Approximately 1 hour.

2. Day Trip from Vienna to Budapest, Hungary – The Capital of Spas

Budapest Panorama with the Parliament
Explore Budapest on a day trip from Vienna

The Capital of Spas and Thermal Baths, as the Hungarian capital is often referred to, is a diverse city with magnificent architecture.

You can reach Budapest from Vienna by car or train.

Start your day trip from Vienna to Budapest by visiting Castle Hill. Ride the funicular which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander around Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion, and Matthias Church. Admire the vistas of the Danube River flowing through the city. Marvel at the Parliament Building, the largest structure in Hungary.

When you’re done with Castle Hill, check out the Jewish District. There, you’ll find the unique ruin bars, as well as Europe’s largest synagogue.

Don’t leave Budapest before tasting the quintessential Hungarian goulash or the surprisingly diverse lángos.

Travel time: Between 2:30 and 3:00 hours.

3. Vienna Day Trip to Brno, Czech Republic – the Little Vienna

Brno is easier to visit than the Czech capital from Vienna

If you want to visit the Czech Republic from Vienna but don’t want to travel all the way to Prague, Brno is a great alternative. The second-largest Czech city is often called the Little Vienna.

So, undoubtedly, a day trip from Vienna to Little Vienna should be on this list.

Reached in about 2 hours by car or train, Brno is a great city to visit.

The historical sites and the recreational areas will enchant you. Wander the medieval Špilberk Castle before getting lost in the narrow streets of the Old Town. Visit the iconic Liberty Square, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, and the fascinating Capuchin Monastery.

Don’t miss the rustic pubs and the cozy cafés, either. As in the rest of the Czech Republic, you’ll find delectable beers and meat extravaganzas on the menu.

Travel time: Between 1:45 and 2:20 hours.

4. Day Trip from Vienna to Kutná Hora, Czech Republic – Home of the Bones Church

Kutna Hora
The spooky Bone Church in Kutna Hora is a unique attraction world-wide

Further than Brno but closer to Vienna than Prague lies Kutná Hora.

The city is famous for the Gothic St. Barbara’s Church. The majestic temple features medieval frescoes and flying buttresses.

However, if there’s one thing you should do in Kutná Hora, it’s paying the Sedlec Ossuary a visit. The chapel looks like taken straight from a Halloween catalog.

Estimates say the chapel contains the skeletons of 40,000 to 70,000 people. The bones are arranged to form decorations and furnishings. No wonder the unusual ossuary is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Czech Republic.

Other see-worthy spots in Kutná Hora include the former Cistercian Monastery and its Cathedral of the Assumption in Gothic and Baroque styles.

And if you’ve seen enough Christian monuments for one day, visit the Czech Museum of Silver. In it, you can learn about the city’s silver-mining history and even enter a replica of a medieval mine.

Travel time: Approximately 3:30 hours.

5. Vienna Day Trip to Prague, Czech Republic – The Golden City

Old Town Prague Aerial
Prague is not close to Vienna but with good planning, a day trip is doable and rewarding

A day trip from Vienna to Prague might seem like a long stretch. However, with good planning and an early start, you can steal a few priceless hours in the Czech capital. This way, you won’t have to decide Prague or Vienna to visit – just travel to both 😉

Visiting Prague from Vienna is only for the toughest travelers as the long ride will tire you quite a bit. Still, if you decide to take this day trip, you’ll be rewarded with magical sights and delectable specialties.

When you get to Prague, cross the Vltava River via the stunning Charles Bridge and wander around Prague Castle. Get lost in the cobble-stoned alleys before heading back to the river.

Cross the bridge again – you’ll want to admire the delicate statues one more time. Then, explore the Old Town. Try to make it to the main square just in time to see the astronomical clock’s spectacle.

Don’t head back to Vienna before stuffing your face with Prague ham (if you’re a meat lover) or a chimney cake (if you have a sweet tooth). Either way, no day trip to the Czech capital should end without sampling their divine beer.

Travel time: Between 3:30 and 4:00 hours.

6. Day Trip from Vienna to Berchtesgaden, Germany – Hitler’s Getaway

A day trip from Vienna to Berchtesgaden offers stupendous vistas of the Alps

For a completely different type of day trip from Vienna, visit the German town of Berchtesgaden.

Located on the Austrian border in the Bavarian Alps, it hosts multiple Nazi-era sights.

South of town, you’ll find Eagle’s Nest, Hitler’s favorite mountaintop retreat.  Back in town, the Dokumentation Obersalzberg Museum keeps chronicles of the Nazi era.

After the history lesson, pamper yourself at the Watzmann Therme – a thermal bath with modern facilities and beautiful surrounding nature. And if you want to learn about salt mining, Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden offers family-friendly tours of a 16th-century salt mine. You’ll see the miners’ slides, a salt lake, and an illuminated grotto.

Before leaving back to Vienna, try one of the traditional Bavarian specialties, like Spatzle and Semmelknödel. Don’t forget to wash them down with a reasonable amount of unfiltered wheat beer.

Travel time: Between 3:15 and 3:30 hours.

Vienna Day Trips to Jaw-Dropping Natural Spots

Do you want to escape the hustle of the big city? On the following Vienna day trips, you can dive into the tranquility and beauty of nature.

7. Day Trip in the Vienna Woods – Scenic Trails and Delectable Wines

Vienna Woods
Vienna Woods offer many walking paths and ruins to explore

Vienna Woods is a recreational area that’s easy to reach from the Austrian capital, sitting at the foothills of the Alps. Many of the day trip destinations below are located within its limits.

However, this tour idea is about walking the numerous trails. A network of marked hiking paths makes it perfect for a day in nature.

UNESCO designated the Vienna Woods as a Biosphere Reserve in 2005 for its special cultural and natural landscape. You can find two mountains within its limits – the Leopoldsberg and the Kahlenberg.

The area of the woods spans 520 sq. mi (1,350 sq. km) and provides habitat for 2,000 plant species, 150 bird species, and several endangered animals.

We recommend you take one of the most popular and stunning routes, the scenic Eichelhofweg. Meander between the rolling hills. Then, stop for wine and traditional country dishes at one of the rustic taverns, called “Heurigen” in German.

The beautiful vistas and the countless wine taverns along the way will make this day trip from Vienna unforgettable.

Travel time: Approximately 1 hour by car or public transport.

8. Day Trip to the Lainz Wildlife Park – Boars and Deer Crossing Your Path

Lainzer Tiergarten
Encounter wildlife on a day trip to the Lainzer Tiergarten

The Lainz Wildlife Park is a 9.6 sq. mi (24.50 km²) preserve in Vienna. Woodlands cover 80% of its area.

Emperor Ferdinand I created the park back in 1561. A wooden fence enclosed the area which he used as a private hunting ground.

Today, you may see wild boars or deer crossing your path, or observe woodpeckers, salamanders, and bats on your hike. Close to 1,000 wild boars, 700 mouflons, 250 fallow deer, and 100 red deer inhabit the Lainzer Tiergarten.

To enter the park, use one of its seven gates. Their opening hours differ.

  • Lainzer Tor (the main gate)
  • Gütenbachtor
  • Laaber Tor
  • Pulverstampftor
  • Nikolaitor
  • Sankt Veiter Tor

Since 1973, entrance to the preserve has been free.

Travel time: Approximately 30 minutes.

9. Day Tour through the Wachau Valley – Nature, History, and Wine

Durnstein in the Wachau Valley
A tour of the Wachau Valley is a great way to spend your day

A Wachau Valley tour is a unique experience for your senses. It won’t take long before you understand why UNESCO added the valley to the World Heritage List in 2000.

The Wachau Valley is a scenic stretch of only 22 mi (36 km), located between Krems and Melk. However, it packs a lot of natural beauty and fascinating history. Picturesque villages, imposing castles, gorgeous abbeys, and mysterious ruins tucked between the breathtaking vineyards dot the area.

To best explore the magnificent valley, we recommend joining a small group tour. Its highlights include:

  • Visiting the medieval town of Durnstein, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Devouring a scrumptious lunch at a traditional Heuriger wine tavern.
  • Sampling delectable local white wines, apricot jams, and liqueurs at family-owned wineries.
  • Driving through quaint villages and picturesque vineyard landscapes.
  • Enjoying a cruise on the Danube River from Spitz to Melk.

Tour time: Approximately 8 hours.

Vienna Day Trips to Historical Austrian Cities

Wine, music, and rich history await you on these day trips from Vienna.

10. Vienna Day Trip to Salzburg – The City of Splendor and Music

Salzburg is a gorgeous city for a day trip from Vienna

Salzburg, the birthplace of the world-renowned composer Mozart, is split by the Salzach River.

The Old Town on the left bank of the river features medieval and baroque buildings. It faces the 19th-century New Town on the opposite right side of the river.

In the Old Town, you can visit Mozart’s birthplace. The house museum displays the composer’s childhood instruments.

When you’re done exploring the Old and New Town, head to Mirabell Palace, Hellbrunn Palace, or Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Mirabell Palace will enchant you with many things, but its lush Baroque gardens will leave you speechless. Hellbrunn Palace will stun you with its water plays and Baroque architecture. And the Hohensalzburg Fortress will take your breath away with the magnificent views of the Alps and the city.

Don’t end your day trip from Vienna to Salzburg before devouring a Tafelspitz, one of the most popular Austrian dishes. The succulent veal specialty was a favorite of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Travel time: Between 2:20 and 3:00 hours.

11. Day Trip from Vienna to Graz – The Lively University Hotspot

You can visit the lively Graz on a day trip from Vienna

Austria’s second-largest city – Graz – is a university hotspot. Hence, you can expect a lively young crowd and affordable eateries.

The historic center and Eggenberg Palace are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so it’s no surprise that they’re worth visiting. The Town Hall, the Castle Hill, and the Clock Tower are just a few of the attractions you should explore.

Outside the historic center, the Baroque Eggenberg Palace and Mariatrost Basilica will stun you with their opulence.

If you’re searching for the best vistas of the city, check out the Gösting Ruin. The remains of a hilltop castle lay on the city’s northwestern edge and reveal unparalleled views of Graz.

And if you want to try local dishes while enjoying a magnificent panorama, check out Bergheuriger Fürstenstand. Located behind the Eggenberg Palace, the hilltop restaurant with viewing tower provides a great combo: delectable dishes and another stunning vista of the city.

Travel time: Between 2:15 and 3:00 hours.

12. Vienna Day Trip to Hallstatt – The Fairy-tale Lake Town

Prepare for an explosion of colors and unparalleled views in Hallstatt

If a historical town amidst stunning nature is your cup of tea, you should definitely visit Hallstatt.

The fairy-tale town on Lake Hallstatt houses vibrant 16th-century houses, with geraniums and ivies draping their windows. The cobblestone alleys are dotted with charming cafés and shops, ornate churches, and Alpine inns.

Outside town, you’ll find natural wonders around every corner. The Salzkammergut Mountains, the Lake Hallstatt, and the Waldbachstrub Waterfall await to enchant you.

A funicular railway will take you to:

  • Salzwelten, an ancient salt mine featuring an underground salt lake
  • Skywalk Hallstatt, a viewing platform

And if you follow the marked trail to the Echern Valley, you’ll find a stunning glacier garden with potholes and rock pools.

Travel time: Approximately 3:30 hours.

13. Day Trip from Vienna to Baden bei Wien – The Spa Getaway

Baden bei Wien
Spa-lovers shouldn’t miss visiting Baden bei Wien

Located in a gorgeous valley in the Vienna Woods, just 16 mi (26 km) away from the capital, Baden bei Wien is the Viennese spa getaway.

The area boasts 13 hot springs. Their temperatures vary from 72° to 97° F (22° to 36° C). The geothermal waters are rich in lime sulphate.

Most of the springs lie at the foot of the 1,070 ft. (326 m) high Mount Calvary (Calvarienberg).

The Romans were the first to recognize the healing powers of the mineral waters. You can still find ruins from their time.

The 19th century saw the construction of a railway which connected Vienna and Graz. Baden bei Wien was one of the stops and became popular with citizens and royalty alike. The imperial family built their villas to enjoy the rejuvenating powers of the geothermal waters.

Nowadays, you can pick one of the 20+ hotels in Baden bei Wien for your spa getaway.

Travel time: Approximately 40 minutes by car.

14. Vienna Day Trip to Laa an der Thaya – The History-Rich Border Town

Laa an der Thaya
The medieval Laa an der Thaya is a great day-trip destination

This small town near the Czech border has existed since the 12th century.

It is home to one of the largest, still preserved Romanesque churches in Lower Austria. The construction of St. Vitus Church began around 1240. According to a legend, Pope Pius II worked as a priest at the parish church around 1442.

During the Thirty Years’ War, Bohemian troops occupied the town. Then, Swedish forces came and left it in a desolate condition. In 1809, Napoleon marched through Laa an der Thaya during the War of the Fifth Coalition.

In the late 19th century, the opening of a railway connection from Brno to Vienna helped the town’s development.

During the Second World War, 33 Jewish families from Laa were murdered by the SS in Auschwitz. In June 2005, their descendants honored their memory with Austria’s second official Holocaust memorial.

Travel time: Between 1 and 2 hours.

15. Day Trip from Vienna to Eggenburg – The Magical Little Town

Eggenburg is close to Laa an der Thaya and is an alternatively gorgeous day-trip idea

Not far away from Laa an der Thaya, you’ll find another little town with rich history.

Eggenburg was founded around 1360. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it was often rampaged and salvaged.

In 1870, the railway connected the town with the capital. As a result, it quickly became one of the favorite day trip destinations from Vienna.

When you walk around the narrow alleys of the historic center, you can’t miss several important buildings. The stunning Gothic gabled houses, Martin’s Well, Mary’s Column and the Baroque Plague Column on the Main Square are all worth admiring.

Also, the city’s defensive wall is almost entirely preserved and worth exploring.

If you’re feeling brave, check out the ossuary which dates back to 1299.

Travel time: Between 1:00 and 1:30 hours.

16. Vienna Day Trip to Heiligenbrunn – Sacred Waters and Delectable Wines

Heiligenbrunn is worth visiting on a day trip from Vienna for its unique houses and wines (Image Credit: Bwag/Commons)

Heiligenbrunn is a tiny gem famous for its unique historical wine cellars and the Uhudler wine.

The small village is tucked between the rolling hills of south-east Austria and the vast plains of western Hungary. Woodlands and vineyards dominate the landscape.

You might be wondering what’s worth seeing in Heiligenbrunn.

How about a wine cellar district, unique architecture, and sacred springs?

You’ll find the Kellerviertel of Heiligenbrunn – the wine cellar district – between the vineyards, just above the village. The whitewashed houses with thatched roofs create a unique atmosphere.

The unique buildings from the 17th and 19th centuries sit on a slope surrounded by forests and vineyards. They used to serve as production and storage facilities for local wine makers. Nowadays, the wine production has moved into modern facilities.

56 of the 140 wine cellars have thatched roofs and are protected historical buildings. Once, that was the only way to build a roof. Today, it’s hard to find anyone who still knows how to straw thatch and whitewash.

After exploring the vineyards, visit Ulrich Spring. The name Heiligenbrunn translates to Sacred Well and this spring is the reason why. Monks first discovered its healing powers in the 13th century.

Don’t leave town before sampling the popular Uhudler red wine. Although primarily an aperitif wine, it goes well with chocolate, sausages, and cheese.

Travel time: Between 2:00 and 2:30 hours by car.

17. Day Trip from Vienna to Grinzing – The Wine Town

Travel to the vibrant town of Grinzing on a Vienna day trip

Built on top of Roman ruins, Grinzing is a medieval town. Winemakers and seasonal workers inhabited it and served the land-owning monasteries and the rich Viennese bourgeoisie.

Turkish raids, devastating fires, and deadly plague stroke the village after the Middle Ages. However, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the settlement experienced a slow but steady growth.

Grinzing’s main attractions are its vineyards and the countless Heurigen – traditional cellars serving wine and freshly crushed grape juice.

Other visit-worthy landmarks include the parish church and the spectacular Kaasgrabenkirche. In the neighboring Vienna Woods, you can also find the Habsburgwarte and the Karl Lueger Monument.

The Habsburgwarte is an 89-feet (27-meter) high medieval-style tower located on the Hermannskogel Hill.

The Karl Lueger Monument stands on the Reisenberg Hill. It’s dedicated to the former mayor of Vienna who contributed greatly to the modernization of the Austrian capital.

Travel time: Between 20 and 40 minutes.

18. Vienna Day Trip to Heiligenstadt – Beethoven’s Retreat

Find out what fascinated Beethoven in Heiligenstadt

Heiligenstadt has over 5,000 years of history. Roman and Avar ruins have been found in its vicinity. In the Middle Ages, the town was one of the richer settlements in the region.

Wine production and fishing were the main industries of the area. Later, the town developed as a tourist destination and a summer getaway from the capital.

In 1802, Ludwig van Beethoven resided in Heiligenstadt. It was a difficult period for the composer as he was coming to terms with his growing deafness.

In his famous Heiligenstadt Testament, a letter he wrote to his brothers, Beethoven shared suicidal thoughts. However, the town exercised its rejuvenating power on him. He left Heiligenstadt with a new inspiration and composed some of the masterpieces from his Middle Period.

Another reason to visit Heiligenstadt is the nice walk between the vineyards. Kahlenberg offers easy hiking trails with small inclination. Beautiful vistas await you from the panoramic terrace on top of the hill.

And if you’re searching for one of the most unusual things to do in Vienna and its surroundings, check out Karl Marx Hof. With its 3,600 ft., it’s the longest residential structure in the world.

Travel time: Between 30 and 70 minutes.

19. Day Trip from Vienna to Eisenstadt – Heydn’s Residence

Eisenstadt enchanted Haydn, will it have the same effect on you?

Eisenstadt lies approximately 7 mi (12 km) from the Hungarian border.

Nomadic tribes and violent aggressors passed through the historic town during the centuries. Powerful empires annexed it to their territories or lost it to their enemies.

In the 18th century, the great composer Joseph Haydn spent 40 years in Eisenstadt.

He composed, conducted the court orchestra, and played chamber music for his patrons of the Esterházy family. During this period, Haydn produced hundreds of compositions and his musical style skyrocketed.

The Baroque house, where he resided, now hosts the Haydn House Museum.

Moreover, the composer’s white-marble tomb is located under the north tower of the Bergkirche.

Nowadays, Eisenstadt is Austria’s smallest provincial capital. Its main attraction is the Esterházy Palace.

The Baroque- and Classical-style palace holds many cultural events. These include the numerous concerts and operas during the famous Haydn Festival in September.

Travel time: Between 50 and 80 minutes.

Day Trips to Important Landmarks near Vienna

You can find Roman ruins, medieval castles, and art galleries just outside of Vienna. Check out the following day trip ideas to important landmarks.

20. Day Trip from Vienna to Carnuntum – The Roman Fortress

The Roman ruins of Carnuntum tell stories of its grandeur

The impressive remains of the Roman legionary fortress and headquarters of the Pannonian fleet from 50 AD are situated on the Danube River halfway between Vienna and Bratislava.

A day trip to the Carnuntum Archaeological Park will bring you back in time. The site extends for over 3.5 sq. mi (10 sq. km). You’ll find it near the villages of Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

After the 1st century, Carnuntum became a large city with a population of about 50,000 people. It was also a major trading center for amber, brought from the north to traders who sold it in Italy. Here, the main route of the Amber Road crossed the Danube River.

In 374, Germanic invaders destroyed the city. It never regained its former importance and was eventually abandoned. Its remains were buried and forgotten.

Nowadays, you can explore three sites at the Carnuntum Archaeological Park:

  • The first one includes the museum, Heidentor Gate, and the Amphitheatre near Petronell.
  • The second is the excavations in the Petronell Castle’s garden.
  • And last but not least, the Museum Carnuntinum.

Travel time: By car 35-40 minutes, by train between 1 and 2 hours.

21. Vienna Day Trip to the Gorgeous Liechtenstein Castle and Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

Liechtenstein Castle
Combine a day trip to Liechtenstein Castle with a visit to Seegrotte Hinterbrühl

Situated on the southern edge of the Vienna Woods just outside the Austrian capital, Liechtenstein Castle is not your typical museum.

The Romanesque castle dates back to 1130. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times since then.

The numerous pieces of furniture, the weapons, the beamed ceilings, the reliefs, and the chapel, as well as one of the most beautiful views over Vienna, make the castle a year-round cultural attraction.

Liechtenstein Castle is also Austria’s only ancestral castle of a ruling dynasty.

When visiting the castle, don’t miss entering the nearby Seegrotte Hinterbrühl as well.

The cave system with a large grotto is located under a former gypsum mine. The mine closed in 1912 after it was flooded with 20 million liters of water. It became a tourist attraction in the 1930s.

The mine features two levels. The upper one houses the mining exhibits and the lower one – the lake. The underground lake is the largest in Europe. The boat tour on the lake will be the highlight of your visit.

Travel time: Between 20 and 30 minutes.

22. Day Trip from Vienna to Klosterneuburg Abbey – The Augustinian Monastery

Klosterneuburg Abbey
The magnificent Klosterneuburg Abbey is a fantastic day trip destination

The close proximity of the 12th-century Augustinian monastery to the Austrian capital makes it a great destination for a day trip from Vienna.

Klosterneuburg Abbey was founded in 1114 by Saint Leopold III of Babenberg, the patron saint of Austria, and his second wife – Agnes of Germany. The majestic structure overlooks the Danube River.

Most parts of the impressive monastery complex were constructed between 1730 and 1834. The foundations, including a castle tower and a Gothic chapel, date back even further to the 12th century. The chapel holds Saint Leopold’s tomb.

Apart from his tomb, the Chapel of St. Leopold also contains the Verdun Altar from 1181. Its three parts include 51 gilded copper plates, modeled on Byzantine paragons.

The abbey’s church is dedicated to the Nativity of Mary. Its consecration was in 1136, but it underwent a Baroque remodeling in the 17th century. In 1644, the 6,000-kg (6.61-tons) Leopold Bell was installed in the north tower.

The abbey also hosts Austria’s oldest wine estate. You can sample its award-winning wines in the wine shop.

Travel time: About 20 minutes by car and approximately 1 hour by train.

23. Vienna Day Trip to the Laxenburg Castles – The Imperial Palaces

Laxenburg Castle and its neighboring royal retreats make for a great Vienna day trip

On this day trip from Vienna, you’ll have the chance to visit not one but three castles:

  • The Old Castle of Laxenburg (Altes Schloss)
  • The Blue Court (Blauer Hof)
  • And Franzensburg Castle

The Laxenburg Castles are imperial palaces just outside the Austrian capital.

Since 1333, the Habsburgs owned the castles in the town of Laxenburg. The dynasty used them as a summer retreat, along with the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

The castle grounds are a gardening masterpiece of the 18th and 19th centuries. Maria Theresia and her grand-son, Emperor Franz, expanded the park to 280 hectares. They also added temples, mystical grottos, and a medieval tournament site to the Blauer Hof Palace.

Emperor Franz II added the Franzensburg to the complex between 1799 and 1835. It is a reproduction of a medieval knights’ castle, and sits on an artificial island in the middle of a pond.

Today, the castles host events, conferences, and concerts. They also serve as a museum where you can admire various paintings and furnishings.

Travel time: Approximately 35 minutes.

24. Day Trip from Vienna to Kreuzenstein Castle – The Medieval Fortress

Kreuzenstein Castle
Kreuzenstein Castle has a magical, fairy-tale vibe

The 19th-century Kreuzenstein Castle was built on the remains of a medieval castle.

It is located on a hill, overlooking the Danube River. Its history dates back to the 12th century.

A peculiar fact about Kreuzenstein Castle is that until the Thirty Years’ War, it had never been conquered. It then fell into the hands of the Swedish troops. Upon leaving in 1645, they blew up most of the castle.

In the 18th century, the Counts of Wilczek came into possession of the castle. The reconstructed buildings incorporated the old castle’s remains.

Today, Burg Kreuzensteinis a popular day trip destination from the Austrian capital. The close proximity to Vienna makes it a great way to escape the big city.

If you visit it from April to October, you might be able to see the falconry show, the so-called Adlerwarte Kreuzenstein. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the Burgtaverne Kreuzenstein restaurant with its medieval atmosphere and sublime cuisine.

Travel time: Approximately 30 minutes by car.

25. Vienna Day Trip to Hermesvilla – Sisi’s Castle of Dreams

Is Hermesvilla how you imagine a Castle of Dreams, too?

Hermesvilla is a stunning Royal getaway at the edge of the Vienna Woods. It used to be the hunting grounds of the Habsburg dynasty.

The name comes from the white-marble statue Hermés the Guardian located in the garden of the villa.

In the 1880s, Emperor Franz Joseph I presented what he called The Castle of Dreams to his wife, Empress Elisabeth (better-known as Sisi).

Murals by the world-renowned artists Hans Makart, Gustav Klimt, and Victor Tilgner dominate the interior of the villa. You’ll see them in all of the private rooms of the Empress and in the salon.

An intricate spiral staircase will lead you from the chambers to the gardens. There, you’ll find the 8.2-ft. (2.5-m) sculpture of Empress Sisi. The statue represents the Empress in a different light from each side, depicting various aspects of her personality.

Before heading back to Vienna, don’t miss visiting the Hermes Café Restaurant and sampling its exquisite game specialties.

Travel time: Between 30 and 45 minutes.

26. Day Trip from Vienna to Mauthausen – The Concentration Camp

It’s hard to imagine that the pastoral Mauthausen housed some of the gruesomest concentration camps

The Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen sits on a hill above the market town with the same name. It is located approximately 12 mi (20 km) east of Linz.

Mauthausen was one of the first massive concentration camp complexes in Nazi Germany, and the last to be liberated by the Allies. It operated from 1938 to 1945. The inmates were forced to work as slaves, under horrendous conditions.

In 1949, the camp was declared a national memorial site. It remains largely intact.

The Mauthausen Museum opened in 1975 for the 30th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. Since 2003, there has been a visitors’ center with an area of 30,620 sq. ft. (2,845 sq. m) as well.

We should warn you that visiting the site of one of the most gruesome events of human history is not for the faint-hearted.

Travel time: Approximately 2 hours.

27. Vienna Day Trip to Hardegg Castle – Knights and Dungeons

Hardegg Castle
Castles don’t get any more magical than Hardegg Castle, do they?

Hardeggis another historic site on the River Thaya on the border with the Czech Republic (see also Laa an der Thaya above).

The 12th-century Hardegg Castle is the main attraction of Austria’s smallest town. The imposing medieval fortification overlooks the valley and urges exploration.

The castle’s walls measure about 656 yd. (600 m). Within them, you can explore the knight’s hall, the winter kitchen, the smithy, the chapel, the keep, and the excavation site.

You can visit the museum on your own. However, you can only visit the armory and discover the weapons collection on a guided tour.

Before heading back to Vienna, we dare you to go down and check the dungeon.

Travel time: Between 1:20 and 2:00 hours.

28. Day Trip from Vienna to Rohrau – Art and Haydn’s Birthplace

Rohrau Castle
Rohrau Castle hosts an impressive art collection (Image Credit: Bwag/Commons)

You need to take the name of this tiny town quite literally.

In German, Rohr means “reed”, while Au translates to “riparian forest”. Indeed, south of Rohrau you’ll find a riparian forest and a swamp covered with reed.

In this pastoral setting with history dating back to Roman times, the genius composer Joseph Haydn was born in 1732. His birthplace is now a museum which you can visit for a glimpse in the everyday life of the family.

Another see-worthy attraction in Rohrau is the Haydn monument from 1793. Peculiarly enough, it was erected while the composer was still alive. He even visited it in 1795. It’s no surprise that it’s the oldest monument of the legendary virtuoso.

Last but not least, you should visit Rohrau Castle. The medieval structure houses an impressive art gallery. It is one of the largest private collections in Austria.

Travel time: Between 40 and 55 minutes.

Day Trips to the Vineyards of Vienna

One of the most interesting facts about Vienna is that it’s the only city in the world that boasts 1,700+ acres of vineyards. They produce approximately 660,000 gallons of white wine per year. That’s more than 3.3 million bottles!

It comes as no surprise then that Vienna is famous as the Wine City. The best part? The picturesque Viennese vineyards and their rustic taverns are excellent day trip destinations!

29. Biohof Nº5 – Organic Whites and Delectable Meats

Vienna Vineyards
The vineyards of Vienna cover 1,700+ acres

The organic farm Biohof Nº5 will seduce you with its young wines, fish and pork delicacies, and live music in the evenings.  

The house wines from the sorts Riesling, Muskat Ottonel, and Chardonnay will satisfy even the most delicate palates. The farm’s pork specialties, as well as the organic fish dishes, are best enjoyed in the inviting tap room.

The space features a cozy fireplace and a handful of tables, which means that each guest gets the hosts’ valuable attention.

Additionally, the organic farm offers guided tours and tastings, and it also takes online orders.

Travel time: Between 25 and 60 minutes.

30. Weingut & Heuriger Christ – Traditional Wines with Modern Methods

Vienna Vineyards
Explore Vienna’s Vineyards on a day trip from the Austrian capital

The Christ Wine Estate and Tavern has 400 years of history. It is the oldest organically cultivated wine farm in Vienna.

The family-run winery has a nature-loving philosophy and innovative spirit, which combines tradition and novelty in a harmonious mixture.

Among the wines you shouldn’t miss tasting in this wine estate are:

  • Grüner Veltliner Bisamberg: a lively white wine with appealing lightness and freshness.
  • Riesling Old Vines: a multilayered white wine which tastes of ripe apricots with a delicate touch of flowers.
  • Blue Zweigelt Bisamberg: a young, fruity, and solidly structured premium red wine.
  • Shiraz: one of the finest red varieties in the world has found a new home on the Bisamberg.
  • Mephisto: the luxury red cuvee is only produced in special years. The composition depends on the respective vintage, but national varieties always dominate.

Travel time: Between 20 and 40 minutes.

31. Weingut Cobenzl – Award-Winning Wines and Stupendous Views

Wine tasting
Sample award-winning wines on a Vienna day trip in the vineyards

The Cobenzl Winery will first enchant you with its fantastic views of Vienna and the Danube River, then seduce you with its excellent wines.

Known as one of the best producers of the region, its wines keep a constant high level and are often the best in their respective category. No wonder that many of the wines among the winery’s assortment of sparkling wines, whites, roses, and reds are award-winners.

We recommend that you try the Ried Preussen-Nussberg Riesling (white), the Ried Hofbreiten-Bisamberg Wien Blauer Zweigelt 2017 (red), the Zweigelt Rosé 2020, and the sparkling Wien Sekt.

Travel time: Between 30 and 60 minutes.

32. Weingut Fuhrgassl-Huber – Exclusive Cellars and Wine Tastings

Vienna Vineyards Day Trips
You’ll find exquisite wines and history-rich wine-making traditions in the Vienna Vineyards

The Fuhrgassl-Huber Winery and Cellar has a long history dating back to 1683. Nowadays, the winemaker family continues the tradition and produces countless award-winning wines.

You can join an exclusive cellar and vineyard tours upon request, as well as do wine tastings.

The winery produces mostly white wines from the sorts Riesling, Traminer, and Chardonnay, among others. They also offer a few reds, rosés, and sparkling wines.

Don’t miss the chance to sample the red grape juice and the Dirndl syrup made from cherries, too.

Travel time: Between 25 and 60 minutes.

33. Müllers Heuriger & Weingut – Exquisite Wines and Hearty Meals

Vienna Vineyards Views
The vineyards of Vienna reveal fantastic views over the Austrian capital

The story of this winery began in 1952. The first owner bought an old farmhouse which included a tiny vineyard. He turned the former stable into a restaurant and the orchard into a guest garden.

Nowadays, the Müllers Wine Tavern and Winery offers wines exclusively from its own cultivation.

The main varieties are from the red Burgundy family, as well as the white Riesling. In addition, the winery produces the cuvee Vienna Mixed Set DAC.  

You can sample the exquisite wines and enjoy a hearty meal in the rustic restaurant, on the sun terrace, or in the lush garden.

Travel time: Between 20 and 50 minutes.

There You Have it – The 33 Best Day Trips from Vienna

Austria is full of things to do and see, and these 33 day trips from Vienna prove it. Pick a few for your next visit, and don’t forget to have fun!

To better prepare yourself for your visit to the Austrian capital, make sure you read our Vienna travel tips.

Now, tell us:

Which day trip are you going to make next time you’re in Austria?

Or maybe you’ve already explored some of the places on the list?

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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