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After years of traveling and living abroad, we want to share our best battle-tested travel resources with you.

Below are 15 tools which will help you plan and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

How to Find the Best Destinations

We use a combination of travel blogs, forums, and guidebooks to research our next destination.

For example, check our latest blog posts at 33 Travel Tips for the most actionable travel advice online!

Tip: If you don’t know where to find great travel blogs, try searching travel directories, such as and

How to Find the Best Flights

Here are our favorite travel resources:

And here are our tips for finding the best flights:

  1. Be as flexible with your dates as possible.
  2. The moment you find a fare that matches your budget, buy the ticket.
  3. Don’t forget your comfort needs. Traveling for 30+ hours with 4 connecting flights isn’t worth saving $50!
  4. Sign up for frequent flyer programs and airlines’ newsletters to receive their current promotions.
  5. Set Google Flights alerts and track your preferred flights. Book the moment you know your dates and the price is right for you.

Where to Book the Best Accommodation

When searching for the best accommodation, use several different websites to compare prices and availability.

As with flights, book the moment you find a match for your dates and budget.

Our recommended accommodation booking sites are:

Where to Book the Best Tours and Day Trips

Do you want to save yourself the hassle of organizing every aspect of your trip yourself but still have some flexibility? Why not join a few day trips or tours at your destination while planning everything else yourself?

Here are our favorite tour booking tools:

How to Find the Best Ground Transportation

If you’re not renting a car and driving yourself, getting from one attraction to another or from one stop on your itinerary to the next can be tricky.

We use the following travel resources to find the available (ground) transportation routes:

  • Google Maps and its public transportation routing option.

How to Stay Connected While Traveling

15 Travel Resources: The Best Tools to Plan Your Travels Easily 1

After trying a few options, we believe this is the best travelers’ SIM card for mobile internet:

If you still need to make a call, you can bundle the mobile internet SIM card with a prepaid credit from a VoIP app. Viber works best for us.

Why we think that’s a great option?

  1. You have only one SIM card for all your future trips.
  2. You don’t need to worry about paying exorbitant prices to your home country’s mobile provider.
  3. You avoid buying a local pre-paid card and having unused credit.
  4. It’s extremely easy to check your remaining credit and top-up your card.
  5. It works in almost any country in the world. It even works in countries where most other travelers’ cards don’t!

The Best Travel Apps to Use During Your Trip

In addition to the above travel tools, we recommend using these apps at your destination to navigate you through any foreign country:

Check that you download any necessary information for offline usage before your trip.