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This is your place for actionable travel tips, tricks, and advice.

You’re here because:

  • you want to travel responsibly and affordably;
  • you wish to experience authentic and meaningful interactions on the road;
  • you don’t blindly trust what the mass media wants you to believe;
  • you know the world is much safer than the news advertise;
  • you’re ready to trot the globe at your own pace, with an open mind and heart;
  • you’re tired of websites which claim to provide “travel hacks and tricks” but only recycle the same dull BS that never works.

How 33 Travel Tips Was Born?

Just like you, we were sick of the same-old regurgitated “advice”, lurking in the travel industry.

Naddya and Svet

As avid travelers, we wanted actionable travel tips that are easy to follow and are helpful, too.

That’s why one day, while sipping dark beer and stuffing our pretty faces with local delicacies in the stunning city of Bratislava, we said, “Enough with advice from people who’ve never set feet further than their hometown!”

While seated, we took out a piece of paper, and drew a quick plan on how to create the most valuable travel website.

We know that’s a bold claim, but we have the experience to back it up. And we know how to travel, what to see, and how to save a cent or two while still getting the most out of a destination.

But what fun that is to have all this knowledge if you can’t share it with others, right?

This leads us to the idea behind 33 Travel Tips.

We’re here to help you choose the best places to visit, the most attractive spots to eat and drink, and the coziest accommodations to stay at. All without breaking the bank or needing to share your room with a dozen snoring strangers.

Who Are We?

We are two Bulgarian seasoned travelers who have lived and traveled in numerous countries around the world.


Svet has lived on three continents.

  • He graduated his Master’s in Belgium, where he had a chance to taste local delicacies, try more than 63 beers, and discover historic, medieval towns.
  • Svet did a Work & Travel program in the USA. There, he had interactions with people from all across the globe.
  • In 2015, he spent several months working, traveling, and exploring the Chinese culture. As a result, he found how challenging yet fun it is for a Westerner to live in China.

Fun fact: Svet loves doing push-ups in public places and has a crush on tractors.


Naddya has been road tripping on four continents in altitudes from 0 to 4,655 m.

  • She spent 12 years in Germany studying, working, and partying. In this time, she visited approximately 253 European cities by planes, trains, and automobiles.
  • Recently, she traveled solo through Central America for several months. She explored the fascinating Mayan culture and ruins, trekked deep into lush jungles, and free-dived in the azure Caribbean Sea.
  • Her favorite activity is to get lost and then find her way again, be it on the streets of any European city, Asian high mountain, or Central American river she ever visits.

Fun fact: Naddya has a love for islands and a hatred for tan-lines.

Apart from being well-traveled, Naddya and Svet both run very successful travel blogs.

Naddya shares her adventures from the road at NTripping.com, while Svet enchants his readers at SvetDimitrov.com.

What Can We Do For You?

We teamed up to give you our best battle-tested travel tricks from over 652 trips and countless interactions from across the globe.

When people ask what our travel style is, we have one simple answer:

We strive to explore as many facets of our diverse planet as possible.  

That’s why, we are not concentrating on any particular travel style.  Instead, we want to give you:

  • Travel tips, which you can easily apply in most situations;
  • Tricks to save both time and money;
  • Destination-specific advice.

We know the Old Continent best, so we’ll start with our favorite European destinations.

So, welcome once again to the tribe of smart travelers! Let’s explore the diversity of our planet together!