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If you’re wondering whether you should go to Andorra, let me tell you:

Andorra is worth visiting for its jaw-dropping ski slopes, breathtaking natural parks, and unbeatable duty-free shopping. Spa lovers will enjoy Caldea Spa Complex, history buffs – Andorra la Vella’s historical center, nature fans – the spectacular viewpoints, and avid hikers – the magnificent mountain trails.

After visiting Andorra, I discovered that it offers much more than meets the eye. So, in this guide, I share with you my top 33 reasons to visit Andorra.

Buckle up, and let’s explore!

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Go to Andorra for Its Fascinating Landmarks

Caldea Spa Complex Andorra
Caldea Spa Complex is the tallest building in the country and one of the coolest reasons to visit Andorra

Andorra might be a small country, but it packs a powerful punch of interesting attractions. Peculiar architecture and fascinating historical structures will fight for your attention. So, let’s take a look at the landmarks that make Andorra worth visiting.

  1. Centro Historico. The Historical Center of Andorra’s capital is home to several stunning buildings. The most notable ones are Casa Felipó, Casa Guillemó, La Casa de la Vall, and the old Vilanova clinic. Most of the buildings in Centro Historico originated in the 16th and 17th centuries. The jaw-dropping pre-Romanesque and Romanesque architecture left me in awe on my visit to Andorra. If you travel to Andorra on a day trip from Barcelona, that’s what you should explore.
  2. La Casa de la Vall. Andorra la Vella, the country’s capital, is home to one of the top attractions of Andorra – La Casa de la Vall. In 1580, locals constructed the manor. Then, between 1702 and 2011, La Casa was the headquarters of Andorra’s General Council. The first floor of the house is home to the remarkable Criminal Court and features gorgeous wooden furniture and decorations. On the second floor, you can find the Hall of Lost Steps where you can admire mesmerizing 16th-century paintings.
  3. Casa Felipó. Erected in 1948, Casa Felipó belongs to the Cultural Heritage of Andorra. The building has seven floors and is covered in granite stone. The roof has a conical shape, while its façade has an eye-catching combination of regular and irregular geometrical elements. I must admit, the architecture completely blew my mind.
  4. Caldea Spa Complex. The 18 floors of Caldea make it Europe’s largest thermal spa complex, as well as Andorra’s tallest building. On top of that, it prides itself on one of the most jaw-dropping architectures worldwide. Caldea Spa Complex packs countless indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, swimming pools, and hydrotherapy sections. Over 400,000 people visit the spa every year. Even if you skip going inside, take a few photos of this incredible structure – that’s what I did, too.
  5. The Shopping Mile. One of the top reasons to visit Andorra is its duty-free shopping. And there’s no better place to quench your shopping thirst than The Shopping Mile. The pedestrian street runs through Andorra la Vella and invites to its numerous outlets, hypermarkets, and boutiques. Their unbeatable offers will fulfill all your shopping wishes.
  6. The Tibetan Bridge of Canillo. Andorra is worth visiting for the mind-bending Pont Tibetà de Canillo. The extraordinary steel hanging bridge spans 1,978 ft. (603 m) with a maximum height of 518 ft. (158 m). The spectacular views of the Pyrenees make up for your shaking knees and dizzy head. Walking the steel structure was the highlight of my trip to Andorra and I bet you’ll enjoy it, too!
La Noblesse du Temps Andorra
If you fancy extravagant art, visit Andorra to admire Dali’s mind-bending La Noblesse du Temps sculpture
  1. La Noblesse du Temps. This quirky bronze monument rises 16 ft. (4.9 m) high and weighs 1.4 tons. The name of the art piece translates as “The Nobility of Time”. The renowned artist Salvador Dalí built the sculpture as a symbol of the passing time. One of the most interesting facts about Andorra is that Dalí crafted the monument by hand.
  2. Puente de Paris. If you dig scenic bridges, head to Puente de Paris. The bridge provides a fantastic backdrop to the delightful Andorra la Vella. The intricate design and arresting architecture of Puente de Paris blooms at night when the bridge is fully lit up. If your time allows it, I suggest you visit it after sunset.
  3. Mirador Roc del Quer. Once you visit the Mirador Roc del Quer, you’ll never forget it. The viewpoint gives you the one-of-a-kind experience of standing mid-air, surrounded by the enchanting magnificence of the Pyrenees Mountains. Don’t miss admiring the drop-dead beautiful Andorran landscape from above by visiting the jaw-dropping viewpoint.
  4. Andorra’s National Parks. Valle de Sorteny, Valls del Comapedrosa, and Madriu-Perafita-Claror cover a huge chunk of Andorra’s territory. Madriu-Perafita-Claror, which is the country’s biggest national park, belongs to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You might spot boars, roe deer, eagles, and bearded vultures while hiking Andorra’s national parks.
  5. Valira D’Orient Valley. Striking little towns and villages, and buildings that seem to arise out of nowhere. All these characterize Valira D’Orient Valley. A must-visit place in the area is San Miquel Engloasters – an outstanding Pyrenean church built in the Romanesque style. In the temple’s vicinity, you can marvel at Lake Engloasters. You can go fishing or boating in the man-made lake.
  6. Les Escaldes. Fancy splashing in hot springs and thermal waters? Head to Les Escaldes just outside of Andorra’s capital city. The waters are abundant in sulfur and nitrogen, which can help cure various health issues. Centuries ago, the Romans discovered the springs and erected a bath that’s worth checking out. In the Les Escaldes area, you can also explore Pont dels Escalls Bridge, Capilla Sant Roma Fortress, and ancient Roman ruins.

Travel to Andorra to Explore Its Stunning Towns and Villages

Things to Do in Andorra Header
The capital Andorra la Vella is worth traveling to

Picturesque is the best way to describe Andorra’s magnificent settlements. The tiny principality is an awesome road trip destination that combines city life with mountain villages and historical sites in a vibrant alpine fusion. In this section, I’ll show you the most fascinating towns and villages that make Andorra worth visiting.

  1. Andorra la Vella. The charming tiny town of Andorra la Vella is the country’s capital. Its location at 3,356 ft. (1,023 m) makes it the highest European capital. Despite its small size and population, you can engage in a lot of activities there. Get lost in the main vein of stores along Meritxell Avenue. If you don’t like duty-free shopping, don’t fret. You can also visit galleries, explore handicraft shops, or grab a bite. Don’t leave before admiring the 12th-century Sant Esteve Church that attracts with its wooden decorations.
  2. Ordino. Fancy sightseeing the sprawling Valira del Nord Valley? Then, you mustn’t miss the town of Ordino. Tucked at the foot of Casamanya Mountain, the settlement greets you with a bucolic appeal and a chill atmosphere. Among Ordino’s top landmarks is a 17th-century house that belonged to a famous Andorran baron. Inside, you’ll find a lavish iron balcony, an elaborate library, and a former armory with a barrel organ.
  3. Encamp. Charming cafés, restaurants, and boutiques, as well as stunning historical buildings, dot Encamp. But what makes it a must-stop destination are the breathtaking vistas of the Valira d’Orient River. The town houses the fascinating National Automobile Museum where you can marvel at vintage vehicles, including steam-powered cars. If you’re in Encamp in winter, hop on the lift to Pas de la Casa or Grau Roig to test the ski slopes.
  4. La Cortinada. A heart-pumping combination of lush fields, flower meadows, and jaw-dropping mountain crags surround this quaint village. A host of ornate historical edifices further highlight La Cortinada’s attractiveness. Like Romanesque architecture? Visit the Sant Martí de la Cortinada church to discover an impressive dovecot and eye-catching frescoes. The wooden altar inside is from the 18th century.
Encamp Andorra
When in Andorra, visit the charming Encamp
  1. Santa Coloma. A medieval church is the most famous attraction of the quiet yet beautiful village of Santa Coloma. Constructed in the Romanesque style, the temple has an unusual circular shape. The 9th-century Church of Santa Coloma d’Andorra will enchant you with its opulent features, among which is the 12th-century statue of the Virgin of Coloma. Just a few minutes on foot from the church, you can find the medieval Sant Vicenç d’Enclar Castle.
  2. Anyós. Tiny yet full of exciting activities is what characterizes the village of Anyós. The annual carnival happens in July on the main square where locals bless a carriage. If you don’t dig carnivals, the Church of Saint Christopher might grab your attention. Fishing, bird watching, and hiking in nature are the other activities you can do in the surroundings of Anyós.
  3. Canillo. Would you like to find out more about Andorra’s roots? Then, you should visit the picturesque village of Canillo. There, you can admire the 11th-century Sant Joan de Caselles Chapel erected in Romanesque style. If chapels are not your cup of traveling tea, don’t worry. The countryside around Canillo is spectacular. The best views are from the Roc Del Quer viewpoint and the best spot to visit is the mind-bending Pont Tibetà de Canillo.
  4. Meritxell. One of the best things to do in Andorra is to visit the prominent Basilica Sanctuary of Nostra Senyora de Meritxell. You’ll find the 17th-century, Romanesque-style church in the village of Meritxell, close to the border with France. The basilica invites you with its mind-blowing mirror room and opulent statues of patron saints. Inside the chapel, you can also explore a museum that showcases eye-grabbing artwork and artifacts.

Visit Andorra to Discover Its Peculiar Museums

Commercial Street in Andorra de Vella
Andorra de Vella seduces not only with its shopping opportunities but also with its fascinating museums

The micronation boasts not only spectacular panoramas and impressive structures but also some peculiar collections. If you like exploring unusual attractions, this section is for you. From the quirky Museum of Miniatures to the “fragrant” Perfume Museum, find the museums that make Andorra worth visiting.

  1. The Electricity Museum. You can visit the MW Museum of Electricity all year round. Also, between the months of May and September, you can enjoy the Engolasters hydroelectric route. It brings you to the dam on Engolasters Lake, where you can see how Andorra produces its electricity. Exploring the museum and the hydroelectric route will take you around 2 hours.
  2. The Perfume Museum. One of Andorra’s coolest museums will show you the country’s relationship with scents. The Perfume Museum displays over 39,000 units and thousands of fragrances spread over five halls. In the Olfactory Station area of the exhibition, you can mix different scents. Check the museum’s opening hours via this link.
  3. The Museum of Miniatures. Museo de la Miniatura immerses you in a huge array of works by Nicolai Siadristy. The Ukrainian genius is famous for being one of the best miniature artists in the world. Next to miniatures made of paper, fruit seeds, or rice grains, Siadristy has manufactured miniatures out of gold and platinum, too.
  4. The Postal Museum. As the name suggests, the Postal Museum showcases the art of making and printing stamps. The museum collection includes more than 50,000 items. Exploring Museo Postal de Andorra on your own will take you about half an hour. However, you can also grab an audio guide and do a self-led tour.
  5. The Comic Museum. Like cartoons and caricatures? Then, visiting Andorra’s colorful Comic Museum is for you. Inside, you can discover 1,000+ copies. The oldest one is the Little Nemo in Slumberland from 1904. The museum’s archive also consists of art books, as well as VHS and DVD movies.

Discover Andorra to Sample Its Delectable Dishes

Trinxat Traditional Andorran Dish
Andorra is worth visiting for its traditional dishes, such as the mouth-watering trinxat

One of the things that make Andorra worth visiting is tasting its mouthwatering dishes. Similar to its neighbors Spain and France, Andorran people also like escargots. Other delicacies include hare and boar meat. In the section below, you’ll discover the most typical Andorran foods.

  1. Escudella. The national dish of Andorra epitomizes meat and vegetables that come either in the form of a soup or a stew. Escudella is a delicious fusion of veal, chicken, or sausages, pasta shells, and various seasonal veggies like cabbage, carrots, and celery.
  2. Trucha a la Andorrana. Since Andorra is away from the seaside, you’ll rarely find seafood in the country’s restaurants. However, the tiny principality abounds in rivers that teem with freshwater trout. So, if you like fish, don’t miss a chance to tease your palate with Trucha a la Andorrana. Chefs prepare this Andorran-style trout on the grill and then wrap it in ham. The result is finger-licking!
  3. Trinxat. This typical food of Andorra shares similarities with the British Bubble and Squeak. Trinxat combines pork meat with leek, cabbage, and potatoes. Garlic cloves and fresh parsley add an unmistakable aroma to the dish. Some restaurants might serve it with chicory leaves or a poached egg.

Travel to Andorra for Its World-Class Winter Resorts

Grandvalira Andorra Day Trip from Barcelona
Andorra’s mountainous terrain and great infrastructure make it a heaven for winter sports

In this section, I’ll walk you around the best spots to do winter sports in Andorra. Skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding are among the top reasons that make Andorra worth visiting. And after a day full of winter activities, head to the spa to warm your body and relax your muscles.

  1. Grandvalira. One of the top winter resorts in Andorra offers ski slopes with total length of 130 mi (210 km). The network of Grandvalira covers more than 100 pistes from every category – green, blue, red, and black. If you dig fewer crowds and high amounts of adrenaline, Grandvalira also offers night skiing and snowboarding. Just bear in mind the maximum vertical drop here is more than 2,800 ft. (850 m).
  2. Vallnord. Ski enthusiasts from Europe and beyond go to Vallnord to benefit from its crisp snow and supreme skiing conditions. Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced veteran, this prime Andorrian winter resort will live up to your expectations. Are you traveling with kids? Take advantage of Vallnord’s ski school and a diverse set of family activities, such as tobogganing, snowshoeing, or driving a snowmobile.
  3. Soldeu. The tiny Soldeu village attracts skiers, snowboarders, and winter enthusiasts alike. Amazing four- and five-star hotels invite you with their fancy facilities and pampering mountain spa complexes. Soldeu offers every ski slope you can think of – from the beginner green and blue through the challenging red to the black ones reserved only for the bravest and most experienced winter pros.
  4. La Massana. Winters in La Massana invite with lots of snow and amazing outdoor sports offers. The resort sits at 4,920 ft. (1,500 m), while its steep slopes go as high as 8,200 ft. (2,500 m). The 41 marked pistes and 26 ski lifts make sure you never get bored at La Massana. Activities include skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even paragliding.
  5. Pas de la Casa. One of the best winter resorts in Andorra is next to the border with France. Pas de la Casa boasts over 30 ski lifts that will take you up to the slopes below Pic d’Envalira. This area is great if you’re an advanced skier or snowboarder because Pas de la Casa offers numerous red ski pistes. Meanwhile, young travelers flock to the winter resort because of its active nightlife.

Is Andorra Worth Visiting? Now You Know the Answer

Sun over Andorra de Vella
Now you know why you should visit Andorra

So, there you have it – the top 33 reasons to visit Andorra.

If you’ve believed Andorra is worth visiting just on a day trip from Barcelona, now you know that’s not true. I suggest you spend at least three days exploring the micronation.

The fascinating landmarks, picturesque towns, heart-pumping ski slopes, and awe-inspiring vistas will make your stay in Andorra truly unforgettable. The coolest part is that there’s always a ton of things to do in every season.

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